Saturday, August 25, 2007


This is the blog for the New Fables writing group, writers of fabulist stories in the Bay Area, with a strong preference for the animal and anthropormophic animal themes. We'll also be posting news about the New Fables journal, published yearly (for now) by Sofawolf Press.

I'll let the others write their own introductions, but here's mine: I've been writing for years, and blogging about it for months. I help publish as well, through Sofawolf Press (and I contribute to their journal). Though I do enjoy the publishing side of it, writing remains my first passion. I recently released my first novel, Common and Precious, through Sofawolf, which was a very exciting process, especially since selling the novel to my editor was easy.

The New Fables project--both the writing group and the journal--is near and dear to me, and I look forward to having some fun writing in this blog. Hope all you readers like it too!

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